About Us

Jay Dazé – matchlessly timeless

Jay Dazé is European textile art combined with entrepreneurial responsibility – inspired by the fashion capitals Paris and Tokyo, created for the world’s metropolises. Our fashion is based on the aspiration to fascinate you time and time again with great quality and design. Jay Dazé combines masterful tailoring and traditional technique with constant development and innovative cuts. The result: matchlessly timeless design that will inspire you for many years.

Jay Dazé was created by fashion designer Dimitri Lange. It is his inventiveness, devotion and eagerness to try out new things that enables extraordinary fusions: He combines luxurious materials like silk and cashmere with rocking leather and finest lace. Playfully lush details merge with minimalistic elegance. Luxury couture and imposing cuts confidently conjoin, creating a new and sophisticated style. Hybrids of knitwear, delicate leather and silk are just as surprising as the extravagant contrast of hard metal and soft feather cashmere.

Jay Dazé is inspired by the culture of Japan where many old traditions are still maintained today. One might say, we create fashion according to the principles of Japanese tea culture: with clear focus and masterly devotion to the art. And yet, our traditionalism is not carved into stone – it is alive.

And that means: We constantly reinterpret the „good old“ in new ways – true to the Japanese proverb: Nothing is as constant as change.

Jay Dazé – fashion for self-confident men and women, who savor the beauty of life, live each moment to the fullest and want to be perfectly dressed while doing so.